Values and Guiding Principles

“Culture is beyond definition and limitation – a concept or a box. It is the living, evolving soul of the people.”


To cultivate via applied research, education, and social activism the capacity to shape our personal and community experience

To utilize discerning self-knowledge and our relationship with the environment/Nature in reframing the individual-collective experience of socialization, emotional wounding, and trauma

To assert altruistic, ethical principles that facilitate ecological, social, and economic justice

To preserve the Earth’s biosphere and biodiversity and to re-establish the health and wellbeing of our local-global communities

Sustainable Evolution & Our Quality of Life

Life is an ecological balance, which encompasses everything. We seek to not only minimize our ecological footprint, but to change our relationship with the Earth, our environment. It is reciprocal relationship that lays the foundation for environmental renewal. Expanding our definition of self to include self as others, community, and Earth/environment forms an inventive, evolving individual and collective sense of self. Wholistically developing the mental, creative, physical, emotional, spiritual-conscious, and relational/social dimensions of the self awakens a different relationship with the world. Vested in restoring life giving resources and systems, we explore aligning with the Earth’s natural rhythms and processes (i.e., biomimicry) to inspire innovative ideas and collaboratively create solutions that advance our reciprocal relationship with the planet. Evolving culture through full embodied engagement, we create new experiences that can act as a catalyst to galvanize our local-global community toward restorative and sustainable existence. Now is the time!