Student Progress and Evaluation

Students deeply engage in wholistic life learning with a commitment to working collaboratively. Our curriculum focuses on the intellectual, emotional, consciousness-spiritual, physical, relational, and creative aspects of life. Emphasis is place the development of professional, interpersonal, and communication skills as well as creative expression to access innovative new approaches to ecological-focused social, economic, and environmental design. The intention for all members of our learning community (students and instructors) is to develop inherent strengths and capacities while expanding the range and diversity of learned skills.

Collaborative learning is also collaboratively assessed with constructive contributions from the students (self-assessment), small group members, and the instructors. Quarterly and annual reviews of each student’s progress consider life learning, application of coursework, and achievement of personal and professional goals specified in the learning contract. Assessment includes the student’s quality of participation and contributions (i.e., in-class learning activities, practice assignments, volunteer experience, writing assignments, discussion forum posts, and small group project). The review will result in a Pass (P), Low-Pass (LP), Incomplete (INC), or No-Credit (NC).